The gorgeous spirit of Japan – VIP tour surrounded by Toyama's traditions, gastronomy, and luxurious evenings

  • Area


  • Category

  • Time

    3 hours 30minutes

  • Price

    30,000 JPY (with tax)

    Included in the price: dinner fee, cruise fee, experience guide fee, and transportation during the tour.
  • Meeting place&

    Matsukawa teahouse


  1. 17:00

    Matsukawa teahouse
    welcome guests with local sake

  2. 17:15

    Special private night cruise

  3. 18:00

    Enmei Jizo no Reisui

  4. 18:30

    Ryotei Kagaya
    hospitality with dinner and drinks using local ingredients & special folk music

  5. 20:00

    Take a cab to Toyama Station

A special night-time charter of the Matsukawa sightseeing boat will be offered for this tour.

You can visit a ryotei (traditional Japanese-style restaurant) that has been in operation for 100 years. The proprietress will explain the history of Toyama Higashi Yukaku, which once employed more than 50 geisha-girl, and treat you to a special dinner.

Shami-players will perform special folk music stages such as "Owara-bushi" and Japan's oldest folk song "Kokirikobushi" for tour guests.

You can enjoy Toyama's sake, whiskey, and wine along with the food and performances.

We will also stop at "Enmei Jizo no Reisui", a unique local spot that people believe in.



24 persons / By 5:00 p.m. (Japan time) on the day before the event date

Minimum guests

6 persons


Customer may at any time cancel the Travel Contract by paying the following cancellation fees; the application for cancellation will be accepted within the business hours of the office to which the application is made.
From 20th day (or from 10th day in the case of one-day trip) …20% of travel fee 
From 7th day…30% of travel fee The day before the departuredate…40% of travel fee 
On the day of departure…50% of travel fee 
Cancellation after starting travel (Note3) or in the case of nonparticipation withoutnotice…100% of travel fee Remarks 


General Incorporated Association Region Tourism Management