〈Departure on October 1〉
【Kanazawa Station/Toyama Station Gathering and Dismissal Plan】Club Tourism Special One-day trip to Tsukiimi no Owara 2023 by chartered bus

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  • Time

    Departure on October 1. 1day(4:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.)

  • Price

    8,800 yen(tax inc.)

    ・No meals are included in this tour.
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    Kanazawa Station / Toyama Station

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Yatsuo in Toyama Prefecture, where you can enjoy the original graceful dance of the festival in the picturesque townscape.
Take a closer look at the ethereal Owara dance at Club Tourism's special "Owara in the Moonlight" event!

【The special point of "Tsukimi no Owara】
★We will inform you of the dance location and time in advance.
 The dance location and time are fixed, so you can watch the dances as scheduled.
★Flash photography is allowed
 Flash photography, which is prohibited at the Owara Kaze no Bon Festival, is allowed in some areas.
★Even if it rains, the festival will be held.
 Dancing will be performed even in the rain on a stage that is rain-proof. *The festival may be cancelled in case of stormy weather.
★Dancing can be viewed from the bleachers.

About "Tsuki-mi-no-Owara
・In case of rain or expected rain, the dance will not be held outdoors, but will be performed on a rain-compatible stage. No refunds will be made after departure.
・In order to prevent congestion, the Nagashi Odori dance will be held at a limited number of venues in the town. (Nagashi Odori in Suwa-machi and Oowa  
 Odori after the last dance will not be held.)
・Flash photography will only be allowed in areas where it is allowed. (3) Flash photography is only permitted in areas where flash photography is allowed.
・The "Tsuki-mi-no-Owara" may be cancelled or its content may be changed due to the request of the national or local government.


  1. 16:00

    Kanazawa Station(West Exit)

  2. 17:20

    Toyama Station(North Exit)

  3. Ecchu Yatsuo [viewing the Tsukimi no Owara from special viewing seats]

  4. 22:10

    Toyama Station(North Exit)

  5. 23:20

    Kanazawa Station(West Exit)

The return time may be delayed due to road conditions. Please be advised that you will be responsible for your own accommodation and cab fare in such cases.

◆"Tsukimi no Owara" You can take your time to enjoy the original elegant dance of the festival in the streets of Yatsuo. This is the biggest attraction of Tsukimi no Owara.





Minimum guests

1 persons


Please apply from "Booking"


The customer may cancel the tour contract at any time by paying the following cancellation fee. ・After the 10th day... 20% of the tour fee ・On or after the 7th day 30% of the tour fee ・One day before the departure date... 40% of the trip fee ・On the day of departure (before the meeting time on the day of departure)... 50% of the tour fee ・Cancellation or no-show after the start of the tour 100% of the tour fee