【Departure on September 30】
Watch the Owara-machi nagashi from exclusive bleachers.
World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go Stroll and the 26th Ecchu Yatsuo "Tsukiimi no Owara

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    Departure on September 30. 1day(2:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.)

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    12,000 yen(tax inc.)

    ・This course accepts credit card payment only, and no documents will be sent. Please make payment by credit card at the time of application. Also, no travel documents (travel brochures, etc.) will be sent.
    ・Children aged 3 and above are charged the same tour fee as adults.
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    JR Takayama Station

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This tour will take you to Shirakawa-go, a village with over 100 gassho-zukuri houses of various sizes where people still live and work, and Yatsuo in Toyama Prefecture, where you can enjoy the original graceful dance of the festival in the picturesque townscape.

・This course is for inbound (foreign nationals) only. Reservations cannot be made by Japanese nationals. Please note that we cannot accept reservations from Japanese nationals. Booking


  1. 14:00

    JR Takayama Station

  2. Shirakawa-go [free time to explore the World Heritage site / approx. 80 min]

  3. Ecchu Yatsuo [viewing the moonlit Owara from special viewing seats / approx. 170 min]

  4. 23:00

    JR Takayama Station

The return time may be delayed due to road conditions. Please be advised that you will be responsible for your own accommodation and cab fare in such cases.

◆Shirakawa-go The Ogimachi district of Shirakawa Village, Ono-gun, Gifu Prefecture, is known for its numerous gassho-zukuri houses, some 100 in all, where people still live and work. In 1995, the area was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is said that it was highly praised not only for its buildings and scenery, but also for the mutual support of the local people who have taken root in the community. It is a place like "Japan's hometown" where one can deeply feel the rural culture, life, and lifestyle that are the original landscape of Japan.

◆"Tsuki-mi-no-Owara" You can take your time to enjoy the original elegant dance of the festival in the streets of Yatsuo. This is the biggest attraction of Tsukimi no Owara.

・If it rains or is expected to rain, the dance will not be held outdoors but will be held indoors on a stage. No refunds will be made after departure.
・In order to prevent congestion, the dancing will be limited to certain areas of the town.
・Flash photography is not permitted except in certain areas. The use of monopods, tripods and stepladders is prohibited.
・The "Tsuki-mi-no-Owara" may be cancelled or its content may be changed due to national or local government requests.
・Please wear comfortable walking clothes and shoes.
・Please note that the return time may be delayed due to road conditions. Please note that you will be responsible for your own accommodation and cab fare in such cases.




Minimum guests

25 persons


Please apply from "Booking"

Optional Service

■About the Front Seat Plan of the Bus. Extra charge: 1,500 yen per person  ・Application deadline: 5 business days prior to departure ・Seat selection is not available. ・Odd-numbered passengers will basically share seats. ・This plan must be applied for in groups. ・Please note that we may not be able to guarantee seats in the event of additional passengers, tour changes, or departure date changes. The maximum number of seats is limited to 10. If the maximum number of seats is exceeded, we will accept requests for seats.


The customer may cancel the tour contract at any time by paying the following cancellation fee. ・After the 10th day... 20% of the tour fee ・On or after the 7th day 30% of the tour fee ・One day before the departure date... 40% of the trip fee ・On the day of departure (before the meeting time on the day of departure)... 50% of the tour fee ・Cancellation or no-show after the start of the tour 100% of the tour fee